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Corrective Massage:

For those who would like to see Taum Sayers, practicing the Berry® Method, he will be at Hidden Well March 14-March 20, 2019.

You can sign up below. For those who have never experienced this work, it is corrective with powerful results. The Berry® Method is an eclectic system of massage techniques created and taught by the late Lauren Berry, structural engineer. These unique procedures address the role soft tissue plays in pain and functional problems.

We have found it a great compliment on many levels to the energetic work at Hidden Well. Those who would like to see Taum, but are not existing patients at Hidden Well, please sign up for an initial session as your first session.


For new people:

The spring booking days are Tuesday Febrary 19 and March 19, 2019.

Please read this page and schedule below for an initial appointment.

For existing patients:

We are a scent-free and screen-free environment. Please don’t wear them or bring them. If you arrive wearing a scent, you will be asked to leave. If you bring a phone, you will be asked to take it to your car.

Do not ask the clinic to book or cancel appointments for you. Do not inform the clinic of changes to your appointments. All appointments are your responsibility. If you miss an appointment without notice, the schedule automatically cancels your future appointments.

Click below to book your appointment if you are an existing patient.


The initial visit is $175. Subsequent visits are $100.

If you pay with a credit card, there is a $5 fee.


All appointments are made via the appointy scheduling site.

Please do not ask at the clinic to make, reschedule or cancel appointments for you.

All appointments are paid for at the treatment time.

Each patient makes their own appointments.

They also cancel or change their own appointments.

Keep the scheduling emails. They contain instructions on how to change or cancel.

There is a 48 hour cancelation policy.

If you want an appointment on a day that looks full, watch for openings the night before or the morning of.

If it is less than 48 hours, the system won’t allow you to cancel. However, if it is necessary, you can reschedule for a later day/time. That way your reschedule opens the appointment time for someone else What this means however, is if you cancel with less than 48 and no one else takes that appointment, it remains your financial responsibility. If you cancel within the 48 hour window, plan on paying for that appointment.

Future appointments are canceled if any appointment is missed without notice.

If you have further questions, email

Timeliness: Please be on time to your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you forfeit that day’s appointment. Please don’t ask the clinic to squeeze you in or make an exception.

Cancellation Policy: You have 48 hours prior to your scheduled time to cancel. If you reschedule within that 48 hours and someone takes your opened spot, you aren’t financially responsible. If it remains open and you rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice, plan to pay for that appointment before your next scheduled appointment.

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