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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the clinic guidelines below. If you have further questions, email


Initial consultation with acupuncture treatment: $200

Acupuncture treatment: $115

Clinic Hours

Monday and Wednesday 9-4. 

Occasional Fridays 12-4

New Patients:

If you would like to come in as a new patient, please send us an email at

The Basics:

Facemasks are required in the public/shared spaces of the clinic. They are not required during your treatment.

Please do your absolute best not to wear scents into the clinic. (Including scented lotion, hairspray, perfumes, etc.) This is a place of healing and everyone is asked to respect the allergies or sensitivities of others.

Please do not bring your phone. 

Due to COVID, we are meeting and chatting outside before appointments in the garden or on the front porch when the weather permits.   If you arrive early or someone is outside in front of you, just wait either in your car or in our garden until either Demoiselle comes outside or it’s your time. Please pay using Venmo before you come inside. If you want to pay in cash, the cash box still sits on the Mongolian shoe cabinet  



All of our appointments are scheduled online.

You can 
Schedule Here

Appointments are paid for at treatment time via Venmo  We do not process insurance but can provide super bills for anyone who requires one for reimbursement.  

It’s best to keep the scheduling emails as they contain instructions on how to change or cancel appointments. They will also contain information on how to enter the clinic.

Timeliness: Please be on time to your appointment.


There is a 48 hour cancellation.

You have 48 hours prior to your scheduled time to cancel your appointment. If you reschedule within that 48 hours and someone takes your opened spot, you aren’t financially responsible. If it remains open and you rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice, plan to pay for that appointment before your next scheduled appointment. Immune symptoms during the pandemic or a positive Covid test nullify the 48 hour rule. Please email if you find yourself feeling ill.

If you have further questions, email


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