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Note to Everyone:

Within the context of the new normal, the clinic has closed for acupuncture treatments. We have postponed Taum’s quarterly trip until the summer.  Instead, please sign up for herbal pickup starting Monday April 6. If you’d prefer delivery, email your request:

Herbal (anti-viral and immune focused) formulas classically used during viral epidemics including the recent SARS and corona CoV2 are being prepared.  These will be employed during the isolation period and into re-socialization. Specific information about these formulas and strategies will be forthcoming.  

For the vast majority of us, taking an herbal substance is correlated with treating an existing  symptom or disharmony.  Vitamins may be the exception in our culture. Plenty of A,C, D and zinc are appropriate now.  During this time, for your well being, I will encourage the use of the tailored herbal substances to aid in the strengthening of your immune system plus with specific additions to help the body when it comes into contact with any viral pathogen.  Even deadly viruses follow a known trajectory within the Chinese medical model. Each subsequent formula is designed to halt the virus in the outer most aspects of the body. Being asymptomatic will not mean you are not harboring or spreading the virus. 

When an external pathogen comes into contact with the body, the wei or exterior immunity mounts an attack.  If overwhelmed, like by a stronger army, the deeper channels are aroused and begin to fill as if taking the foreign prisoners deep inside to keep them away from the vital organs. If there is space, these pathogens or foreign invaders can remain latent for months to years.

If, however, the foreign invader’s strength or numbers are great, or the body’s stores already taxed, the deeper channels become overwhelmed.  Like the breaking of a dam, the pathogen plus the rest of the dormant contents spill back into circulation where they can then attack the organs, such as heart and lungs. Because of this, it is wise to enhance the wei qi to mount the best defense from the start. If that fails, it is best to fight the invader at the exterior to halt its progression. These are the strategies of the herbal formulas underway. Stay tuned and isolated.

Sending best wishes for wellness and ease.




The initial visit is $200. Subsequent visits are $100.

If you pay with a credit card, there is a $5 fee.

New Patients:

Several times each year we open our schedule for new people.  Our spring date will happen on a Tuesday, mid May with details to follow here  New patients that would like to see Taum are welcome to schedule a new appointment during his April visit  

The Basics:

Please do not wear scents into the clinic. (Including lotion, hairspray, perfumes, etc.) This is a place of healing and everyone is asked to respect the allergies or sensitivities of others.

Please do not bring your phone. If you bring your phone inside you will be asked to leave it in your car. 



The clinic will not book or cancel appointments for you. All appointments are your responsibility, and done through the scheduling software “Appointy.”

Appointments are paid for at treatment time.

Click below to book your appointment:

Keep the scheduling emails as they contain instructions on how to change or cancel appointments. They will also contain information on how to enter the clinic.

If you miss an appointment without notice, the schedule automatically cancels your future appointments.

If you want an appointment on a day that looks full, watch for openings the night before or the morning of.

Timeliness: Please be on time to your appointment. Please don’t ask the clinic to squeeze you in or make an exception.


There is a 48 hour cancellation policy: suspended during pandemic  

You have 48 hours prior to your scheduled time to cancel your appointment. If you reschedule within that 48 hours and someone takes your opened spot, you aren’t financially responsible. If it remains open and you rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice, plan to pay for that appointment before your next scheduled appointment.

If you have further questions, email


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