Mask are mandatory

Please wear your facemask in the clinic in all public areas. If you have immune signs or symptoms, please postpone your treatment, even if you think your reaction is to allergens. Addiionally, if you are faceup during your treatment, we ask that you keep your mask over your nose and mouth.

For new patients desiring to come into the clinic this fall, we will accept those who have been vaccinated. If you write to us, please let us know if you have had Covid and when you were fully vaccinated.

We wish everyone perfect health. Thank you for respecting how we are caring for our facility this season.

Additional hours on Fridays

We have updated our hours for the month of July, adding hours on Friday. New patients are welcome to come on Wednesday or Friday. The clinic will be closed for several weeks at the end of August into September, but will reopen in September through the fall.

Beautiful spring 2021

Welcome back!

The clinic welcomes everyone back this week. With the temperatures being so mild, plan to come to your appointment so that we can spend time outside together before coming inside. Your initials and room number will still be on the board if you are in group 2.

Due to COVID, we will still require face masks and minimal talking inside for now. As the weather permits, we will have open doors to allow plenty of breeze. Please know we are taking every precaution to make your experience as safe and as effective as possible.

Now that the weather permits us to speak outside with greater comfort there is no longer a need to send updates/photos prior to your appointment. If there is something you would like to highlight or share via email, you are still welcome to continue in that way. If you arrive early and someone is still outside before you, please wait in your car or the garden to honor the privacy of all.

We are asking everyone to use Venmo prior to treatments. If you need help setting this up, just reach out to Isabel who can help you set it up on your phone or tablet.

If you are a new person wanting to come in for an initial consultation just write to us at HIDDENWELLacupuncture We will find the right time for you.

Spring Reopening

The 8th of March will be the clinic’s tentative reopening day unless the weather takes a nose dive into cooler temperatures. If you have an appointment scheduled for the week before, it will be cancelled before the appointy announcement goes out.

For everyone choosing to return please reschedule your appointments for the remainder of March. Also, if you don’t mind, reread the clinic etiquette page which has been created so we can carry out our work safely during the epidemic.

Remember it is very important that you do not come to the clinic with any immune symptoms at all even if you do not feel you have contracted COVID. Many of its symptoms mimic seasonal allergies so please act conscientiously with regards to our special place and community.

After the unexpected closure and trying time apart, it will be wonderful to welcome everyone back into the clinic. Looking forward to it wholeheartedly!


Winter Time Schedule Interuption

In the colder months, it has become harder to have comfortable garden treatments and keep the air flowing with open doors. For that reason, Hidden Well Acupuncture will suspend treatments until March for group 1. As the weather warms, group 2 will be invited back to schedule again. Spring is unpredictable, so appointments for group 2 might be cancelled when the weather can not support healthy, safe distance and practice. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Spring.

Garden Acupuncture Treatments

With the slightly cooler temperatures, we have begun treating in our garden area. These treatments are in the shade, private, in the breeze and you can feel the windchimes. It is certainly cooler in the mornings, so if you have been part of Group 2 afternoon hours, you can now schedule with Group 1.

If you’d like to have a treatment in the garden, send Isabel an email the day before you plan to come and everything will be preparted for you.

What’s different is that there is a bit more abilty to chat during the treatment since we are outside. We will still all be wearing masks. For those who are being extremely cautious about your interactions, this is the safest way we have come up with to have acupuncture at Hidden Well. We invite you to participate in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Full swing

Vintage Mo Yu and Quan Yin

The clinic is back in operation and it is wonderful to see everyone.

After being closed and then at half mast for a few months, we feel fortunate and comfortable reopening in our latest incarnation.

The new guidelines have a bit more flexibility. Treatments inside our space remain excellent. Additionally, as it cools, we are offering garden acupuncture in a quiet space outside. The other option for treatment is our wide open front space.

We feel very fortunate to be in our clinic and able to provide superlative care.

Feel free to reach out by email if you have any specific questions.


Moving forward with conscienciousness, we have put a set of safety and immune guildelines into place so you can come back into the clinic when you are ready.

You can schedule appointments on Appointy if you began your immune formulas in April, May or early June and have steadily taken them with a commitment to continue.

Please read the guidelines page (password is the historic front door code) then select which type of appointment best describes your situation.

Our world has changed and so has the clinic. We have confidence in and are excited about sharing this new unfolding with you.

For clarification on anything, please be in touch via email:

First wave: The return

If you began the Fortress formula in April and did not receive an invitation with the new clinic guidelines, please be in touch via email.

If you began Fortress in May and have been practicing SIP or SD, you can go ahead and reach out to us now. For those begining in May, we will tentatively send you an inviation late June or early July once we have all of our new systems in place.

If you started a bit later and have been either SIP or SD, you can write to us with “Isabel” in the subject line and explain your situation. We will be happy to hear from you.

Stage one of reopening: first wave

Sunday, June 14th, marked Hidden Well’s 6th anniversary at 134 Houston Street. To celebrate, we have prepared to come back together as a community. We feel we have created an incredibly safe and beautiful plan of action.

Many things have changed in the world since we last saw one another. The clinic has undergone major changes in response. Taking Fortress was our way to fortify each of you every day. It also kept us linked together in ritual as a community.

Depending on when you began to fortify, you will be invited back. We will have separate blocks of time for those who have been isolated and practicing social distancing (morning times) and for those who have continued to work and socialize in a fairly normal way (afternoon). There will be additional requirements for those who have been out in the world but would like to come back at this time.

For the safetly of all, the clinic will have a different set of protocols and practices. Because this is a time when immunity is of the utmost importance, we have added an infrared sauna to our mix. The benefits are in line with all of our goals, so it will be a weekly part of everyone’s visit to Hidden Well.

We have missed you and look forward to seeing you again soon.