Mineral/Herbal Formulas

imageIt is the mission at Hidden Well to create an optimal environment for healing. All of the customized formulas, from essential oil blends to mineral salves, are created with full intention to bring about transformation and wellness.

Minerals and herbs have held a special place in Chinese medicine’s history. Yet, the minerals have all but been lost from its practice for many centuries.

It has been a great pleasure during my studies to be introduced to this lost body of knowledge and share it with my patients.

The friendship between myself and Sheila Manzagol of Shining Mountain Herbs has made way for some powerful medicines. We combine minerals, herbs and essential oils to create potent healing formulas. Some of our early salves are listed below with recommended uses and ingredients. Many  beautifully crafted salves, tinctures and medicinal oils have made their way out of the  creative hopper onto our shelves each new season.

Everything we make is handmade and organic when possible. That means our stones are pounded to powder by hand, our waters are enlivened with beautiful gem stones and the spirit of connection and open heartedness is infused into every formula.

May you enjoy these unique medicinals as much as we enjoy creating them.

In joy and health,



Jade Screen Protection
Immune formula

Boosts immunity
Protects and clears eyes, nose, ears and throat
Prevents bacterial and viral invasions
Dispels pathogens

Apply liberally to throat, back of the neck, upper back, chest and face. Use during times of vulnerability such as seasonal changes, flights, travel and when subject to drafts. Apply once a day preventatively or hourly when symptoms appear, such as stiff neck, sore throat, fever, runny nose.

Made with an infusion of ban lan gen, ju hua, chuan xiong, sang ye, man jing zi in organic olive oil, peppermint, orange, rosemary, eucalyptus organic essential oils, organic beeswax, vitamin E.


Neroli pearl night balm
Wrinkle reducing formula

Adds luminescent nourishment
Reduces wrinkles
Clears toxins
Brightens complexion

Apply each evening to face and neck before sleep. Focus application around eyes, beside nose and mouth.

Made with an infusion of yu zhu, mai men dong, dang gui, xing ren and chuan xiong in organic olive oil, minerals of pearl, aragonite, lepidolite, petalite, rhyolite. Clary sage, neroli, carrot seed essential oils, organic coconut oil, apricot oil, beeswax and vitamin E.


Amber Clove
Gui formula

Protects against invasions
Assists with clearing
Creates intention for purity

Apply to Sun Siao Miao’s trinity points to aid in transitions. Apply under nose (Ren 26) or at the occiput (Du 16) to protect from invasions. For children, apply at night or when they feel vulnerable.

Made with amber potentiated by cinnabar and black tourmaline, clove and elemi essential oils, organic olive oil, beeswax, talismanic renderings for protection.



Radiant Peaceful Heart
Calming formula

Brightens spirit
Lightens mood
Deepens sleep

Apply at both wrist creases and in the center of sternum in a three inch diameter. During the day, apply hourly to reduce feelings of anxiety, restlessness or depression. To deepen sleep, apply hourly starting two hours prior and at bedtime.

Made with mimosa and German chamomile flowers infused in organic olive oil, minerals of sugilite and lepidolite, jatamanzi, grapefruit essential oils, organic beeswax, vitamin E.


Unblock the Dam
Scar reducing formula

Softens scar tissue
Heals wounds
Returns Qi and blood to disrupted areas

For recent wounds, apply and cover with bandage twice a day. For older scars, apply liberally around site. Then pinch and roll the scar between thumb and index finger for several minutes. Repeat 2-3 times daily. Gentle heat can be added for denser scars.

Made with an infusion of hu huan pi, mu yao, ru xiang, ji xue teng in organic olive oil, rhodonite mineral, lavender, caulophyllum, lemon, frankincense, helichrysum essential oils, organic shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E.

Cyster Healer
Cyst reducing formula

Breaks up cysts
Reduces swellings
Releases abscesses

Apply liberally to cyst or abscessed region, cover with flannel cloth and apply heat. Do twice daily for 25-30 minutes followed by gentle massage. Course of three weeks to a month recommended for ovarian or breast cysts.

Made with an infusion of zao jiao ci, bai zhi, zhe bei mu in organic olive oil, prehnite and sugilite minerals, grapefruit, sage, marigold essential oils, sesame oil, caulophyllum oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E.


For the Masses
Polyp reducing formula

Breaks up masses
Reduces inflammation
Moves qi and blood

Apply liberally to region daily. If possible, add heat and gentle massage.

Made with an infusion of zao jioa ci, bai zhi, zhe bei mu, jue xue teng, ru xiang, mu yao, he huan pi in organic olive oil, mineral of rhyolite, grapefruit, eucalyptus, basil essential oils, organic castor oil, sesame oil, beeswax, vitamin E.

Fibroid reducing formula

Moves Qi and blood
Reduces fibroid masses
Transforms uterine stagnation

Apply liberally to area above fibroid in lower abdomen, cover with wool flannel and apply steady heat for 30 minutes daily. Follow with Mayan or other gentle abdominal massage to add circulation to the region.

Made with an infusion of hu huan pi, mu yao, ru xiang, ji xue teng in organic olive oil, minerals of azurite/malachite and sugilite. Parsley, cypress, ginger, xiang fu, dang gui, caulophyllum essential oils, caulophyllum oil, sesame oil, castor oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E.                    Currently out of stock


Yang Back Balm
Jade belt formula

Strengthens lower back
Alleviates pain
Opens the belt channel
Reduces fluid accumulations
Allows kidney essence to reconstitute itself

Apply daily to lumbar region directly behind navel as if encircling the posterior waist with a 3 inch belt, cover with wool flannel and apply heat for 20-30 minutes. For arthritic back pain (termed wind cold damp painful obstruction in Chinese medicine) apply each morning.

Made with an infusion of hu huan pi, ru xiang, mu yao, ji xue teng, sheng di huang, bai zhi, du zhong, du huo, wei ling xian in organic olive oil, minerals of lepidolite, nephrite jade, sodalite. Atlas cedar, basil, rosemary, juniper berry, litsea essential oils, shea butter, sesame oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E.


Return the Flow
Sensational formula

Promotes circulation
Alleviates pain
Relaxes tendons
Recovers sensation
Returns flow of energy to extremities

Initially apply to lower back in a band from the spine out 3 inches laterally over the kidneys. If possible, add gentle heat for 20 minutes. Also apply to areas with numbness, neuropathy, pain or rigidity by slapping and rubbing vigorously.

Made with an infusion of ji xue teng, sheng di, bai zhi, du huo, du zhong, wei ling xian in organic olive oil. Minerals of azurite/malachite, sugilite, lepidolite, kyanite, chiastolite. Rosemary, basil and juniper essential oils, organic beeswax, vitamin E.


Pink opal propolis lip balm

Nourishes and softens lips
Moistens dryness
Prevents cracks
Draws what you love

Made with an infusion of sheng di huang, dang gui, huang qin, hong hua in organic olive oil. Minerals of pink opal and yellow calcite, orange and bergamot essential oils, organic apricot oil, shea oil, almond oil, coconut oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E.


Special thanks:

Thank you Jeffry Yuen for passing down the knowledge so we can share the intrinsic potency of stone medicine with the world.

Thank you Sheila Manzagol for sharing your heart, collaborative genius and mastery such that accumulated wisdom can be put into a super yummy, applicable form.

For more detailed information regarding our salves and creams please be in touch at hiddenwellacupuncture@gmail.com.