• Han shui shi, cold water stone dissolved from glaciers. 
  • If added to water, it will take longer to heat up as the stone absorbs heat. 
  • Found along riverbeds and as a binding agent in the shell of shellfish. 
  • Formed when acid rain hits limestone. 
  • Wei qi stone. 
  • Sedimentary stone (lower grade stones have palliate effects) encourages purging. 
  • Represents transition as it regulates formation of RNA and DNA.
  • Draws out old habits and patterns. 
  • Creates an environment that parasites can’t live in – good for gu. 
  • Relaxing. Helps with temperament and slowing the momentum of provoking processes down so you can feel calm and stable. 
  • Helps kidney heat. 
  • Helps with muscle reactions, nerve transmissions, and formation of neurotransmitters. 
  • Good for gland inflammation, such as a swollen throat. 
  • Good for something that is, by nature, cold (viral) or hot (bacteria, pestilence). 
  • Good for an external manifestation of an internal process, such as skin problems. 
    • Good for skin cancer. Slows metastasis, but doesn’t treat the cancer itself. 
  • Good for acute manifestations of chronic conditions with heat stasis. 
    • Stops heat in the blood and bleeding from heat. 
    • Clears internal, damp heat from stomach to large intestine. 
    • Helps to clear heat from the bowels and balances calcium metabolism. 

Black Calcite:/Shamanite:

  • Carbon helps let go of things you’re attached to. 
  • Important for clearing exuberant kidney yang (seizures, floating yang, high blood pressure) as it settles the yang, but doesn’t bring it in. 
    • Cools off heat in the kidneys. 
  • Good for ears.
  • Helps to clear kidney stones and UTIs.  
  • Releases carbonic acid and warms the belly, acting like a probiotic to treat candida or cold in the uterus. 
  • As it releases carbonic acid it warms the belly and it is prebiotic that treats candida and also treats cold in the uterus.

Blue Calcite

  • Iron relates to the spleen and stomach. 
  • Something from water is moving to the sky. From kidney to the sky is the brain.
  • Softness hardness. It chelates stones. 
    • Good for stenosis and cancers where the organs have hardened (calcification of the breasts, heart valves, or bile ducts).
  • Clears heat in the throat, hyperthyroidism, and high metabolism. 
  • Good for exuberant liver yang with neurological symptoms such as facial tics or tremors. 
    • Helps with too much activity in the brain (nervousness, chills, high blood pressure, seizures, epilepsy, tumors, and acute brain swellings). 
  • Helps with spine cancer and metastatic cancer. 
  • Regulates overactive thyroid, hypersensitive skin, allergies, and lung heat. 
  • Combine with Ying Qi stones with aluminum to pacify Liver Wind for those who have difficulty with changes occurring in their life. (Manganese calms the shen)

Calcium Calcite:

  • Deposited from the sea.
  • Sedimentary stone that affects Wei Qui.
  • Helps with external problems, such as skin issues.

Cobaltoan Calcite:

  • Cobalt for anemia.
  • Protects the myelin sheath.

Green Calcite:/Emerald Calcite: 

  • Chromium.
  • Strongest of calcites for all signs and symptoms:
    • Stronger than blue calcite for liver heat.
    • Strongest effect on cancer. 
  • Water finds its way to land and the land becomes lush green. 
  • Relation to wood (through green color) decreases neurological symptoms such as nervousness, tense shoulders, tremors, seizures, and convulsions. Wood changes a situation. 
  • Regulates qi and reduces liver heat. 
  • Reduces effects of radiation therapy. 
  • Good for generally clearing heat, especially for lung cancer. 
  • Clears heat in the joints for bone cancer and multiple myeloma.
  • Good for something that is spreading, metastasizing, or growing.
  • Good for drug detoxification when withdrawal and detox symptoms occur.
  • Good for bacterial infections. Wind heat is a bacterial infection to clear fire toxins from the lungs. 
  • Good for regulating blood sugar (eating a lot of bread) and regulating a fatty metabolism (eating a lot of fat).

Honey Calcite: 

  • Decreases menopausal hot flashes. 
  • Regulates stomach qi by clearing stomach fire. 
    • Good for IBS, eating disorders, and stress eating. 
    • Good for a damaged spleen or diarrhea with sinking spleen qi. 

Optical Calcite:/Iceland Spar

  • Cubical.
  • Enhances lung qi.
  • Gets rid of phlegm and mucus in the lungs. 
  • Magnifies the effect of other stones for acute treatments.
  • Helps you see clearly through challenging circumstances – who you are is not who you are meant to be. 

Pink calcite:/Mangano calcite:

  • Iron and manganese. 
    • Manganese helps calm shen to relax thoughts and gain clarity. 
  • Igneous stone. 
  • Principal stone in working with the heart. 
    • Reestablished rhythm of the heart. 
    • Helps with congenital heart issues, palpitations, high blood pressure due to anxiety, plaque in the heart and blood, angina pain that shoots down from the heart, and bleeding when source is unknown. 
  • Cools blood and helps with insomnia. 
  • Calms nerves, muscles, and atrial fibrillation.
  • Helps if you have fright wind nightmares.
  • Helps with proper digestion. Supports enzymes and alkalizes the body which makes it good for acidosis.
  • Good for you if you lose your breath quickly and get chest pain. 
  • Good for sinew issues that are wei qi oriented (acute pain, atrial fibrillation, and other skin and muscle related conditions). 
  • Good for oxygen issues, such pulmonary issues and exertion fatigue that is due to an iron deficiency.

Red Calcite

  • Relates to the root chakra. 
  • Stronger than pink calcite in cooling the blood, stopping bleeding (like mu dan pi), and clearing heat and blood in the urine. 
  • Ensures body will hold onto yin and help stomach to further separate pure from turbid.
  • Good for difficulty with Love and Relationships. 
  • Good for detox of mental withdrawal symptoms.
  • Good for heat in the blood, such as leukemia, and ADHD. 
  • Add to opal and spinel for acute toxicity and heavy bleeding.

White Calcite:

  • Decreases lung heat (coughing, wheezing, and yellow phlegm). 
  • Good for high fevers and lung bleeding. 
  • Good for metastatic cancer, especially lung cancer (as it clears heat causing fire toxins) or lymphoma.

Yellow Calcite:/Orange Calcite

  • Has traces of iron(which give it its color) – relates to spleen and stomach. 
  • Stops bleeding.
    • Magnesium is the context and relates back to the middle burner. 
    • Potassium is upper for heart and lungs.
    • Magnesium is middle. 
    • Sodium is for liver and kidneys. 
    • Manganese is blood.
    • Copper is liver.
  • Goes to the teeth and gums – good for bad breath, inflammation, or a tongue with a midline crack. 
  • Slows the process of creativity.
  • Harmonizes the emotions. 
  • Purges the heat from the lower burner down, moving the dampness. 
    • If you’re not urinating properly, heat can get trapped in the upper burner. Chronic disease develops in the upper burner due to lower burner’s failure to discharge. 
    • Stones takes what is above and flushes it out. Gets rid of dampness, such as weeping sores or oral herpes. 
  • Good for cellulitis.
  • Good for swelling of goiter in the beginning stages.
  • Good for weight loss as it reduces hunger by clearing Stomach Fire
  • Clears heat in the Stomach that has damaged spleen qi with chronic fatigue (feelings of long term stress, eating on the run, and subsequent burnout and crashing). 
  • Good for spleen deficiency (lymphoma).
    • Decreases lymphoma with phlegm issue and eye puffiness (sign of phlegm accumulation). 



  • Vanadium, calcium, silica oxide, and water.
    • Calcium repairs structures that fragment, such as broken bones. 
  • Alchemical stone.
  • Bright blue (looks synthetic). 
  • Deals with soul retrieval. 
  • Good for feelings of being broken. 
  • Helps with conditions that recur and fragment. 
    • Realization that there’s something that needs to change and you want to jumpstart that. 
    • Physical fragmentations, such as a chipped tooth or hair falling off in clumps. 
  • Holding it releases endorphins to help numb pain. 
  • Use for residual febrile conditions, like herpes. 



  • Sulfur consolidates the kidney yang and moves things up to the four limbs. 
  • Strontium draws yang qi inward to engender the yin, build bones, bind and strengthen, and gives you the stability to do what you want to change. 
  • 3.5 hardness. 
  • Modern culture’s stone of the sky, tian je shi. 
  • Draws warmth and pulls it into the bones. 
  • Draws the yang inward like a vortex, consolidating yang qi. 
    • Breaks up bone calcification and liver cirrhosis. 
  • Regulates the liver and intense emotional mood swings. 
  • Helps clear a new development taking place by supporting the creative palace. 
  • Good for swelling in the sensory orifices as it holds inward.
  • Good for pain (powerful analgesic) as the oxygen moves the stagnation in bone bi, osteoarthritis, or heel spurs. 



  • Oxide releases heat quickly, cools, and hydrates. 
  • Yu Sui: Marrow of jade. 
  • Translucent – grows through own refinement and cultivation. Light is willing to be absorbed and light is reflected back. 
  • Resonates with the lower burner.
  • Tonifies and regulates qi and blood.
  • Opens sensory portals. Good for you if your life has become mundane. 
  • Invokes the Divine, a sense of connection to something that is greater than yourself.
    • Purify yourself and you’re given a trial period of purification. 
    • Represents spirituality and feeling of knowing you could be better. 
  • Good for cystitis, ovarian cysts, fibroids on the endometrium, or inability to eliminate during menstruation. 
  • Good for a junction of separating pure from turbid. 
    • The stomach and spleen are working out your current circumstances in life. You want to work with the layers to prioritize your life

Black Chalcedony:/Sardonyx:

  • Silica oxide affects lungs, traces of manganese affect the blood, and traces of iron affect the spleen. 
  • Primary and sedimentary stone. 
  • Transformative stone for clearing heat. 
  • Trigonal shape due to being part of jaspers. 
  • Framework – shao yang – gallbladder and TH. 
  • Water makes it useful as a topical application. 
  • Combination of blue chalcedony that is red and brown iron. The black is becoming, helps to support bone marrow, and affects the kidney. 
  • Purges the kidneys. 
    • Dementia from kidney dialysis. It goes up to effect eyes and ears, weakness in the hearing. Treats empty fire. That is the low chirping in the ears. 
  • Decreases fevers. 
  • Summons the hun.
  • Promotes willpower. 
  • Helps sensory orifices (defecation, urination, inflamed eyes, or high pitched ringing in the ears). 
  • Helps to find purpose, stability, significance, and meaning. 
    • Fills the void. Provides a connection to what is missing in your life (What palace?) from which you came (past life). 
    • For lost souls, searching for meaning. Favors white (metal) and black (water). The combination allows for conception. Conception is only wanted if something is fulfilled. 
  • Good for something over time (cerebral palsy or alzheimer’s). 
  • Good for infertility to support the kidneys grasping the po. 
  • Use in neti pot to drain congestion.
  • Use topically on eyes or as an elixir to moisten and cool inflammation, especially if it involves blood (manganese). 
  • Place over the eyes to bring back meaning, help concentration, and boost ren qi. 

Blue Chalcedony

  • Colors resonate with throat and upper region.
    • Blue (water, kidney) and green (wood, liver) colors signify use with dai mai and for turbid urination or leukorrhea. 
  • It’s the idea of convection, like the microcosmic orbit. It’s about connecting between lower and upper regions. 
  • Moistens skin. 
  • Nourishes what is deficient.
  • Promotes ability to communicate clearly.
  • Clears heath and phlegm, especially lung heat.
  • Useful for mediation – hold it, place it under the pillow, or drink an elixir. The light blue liberates the light body as you disseminate out. 
  • Improves memory.
    • Serves as bridge between water and fire (wood). As it goes up, it gives you access to the memory, including hidden memory. 
  • Helps bring fluid to the surface and skin and reduces fluid in the head (especially edema in the face or eyes).
  • Helps with menopausal signs and symptoms, stomach fire causing qi deficiency, problems related to speech, glaucoma, cataracts, gallstones, cholesterol, and sluggish digestion. 
  • Good for connecting with the water spirits. 
  • Good for smokers as it helps with hoarseness, sore throat, wheezing, coughing, and asthma. 
  • Good for adjusting to altitude and jet lag. 
    • Serves as a bridge if you’re sensitive to climatic forces. 

Carnelian:/Red Chalcedony:

  • Guang Yu Sui – illuminating jade marrow. 
  • Black veins represent the bronchi of the lungs, according to the law of signature.
  • Red color is useful for courage. Courage has to come from within. 
    • It’s transformative, representing an active stone. 
  • Evolutionary stone – most building as it invigorates and strengthens. 
  • Stone is heart shaped with a hollow, concave center. Put it in a direction of most passion and light, such as a window or the center of a bedroom. 
  • Regulates blood pressure. 
  • Decreases phlegm stasis and stops bleeding. 
  • Clears heat in the body and the blood. Good for coughing up blood and hemorrhaging. 
  • Tonifies the spleen and lung qi, blood, and digestion (like Gui Pi Tang, increases platelets).
  • Transforms the stagnancy and help you get rid of things. 
    • Breaks up blood, cysts, kidney stones, and gallstones. 
  • Helps with convalescing. 
  • Helps infertility at a later age. 
  • Helps willingness to take an opportunity in life.
  • Helps overcome an accident or rehabilitation and return to your life after a situation in which you were at death’s door by giving you the will to live and encouraging happiness because you’re alive. 
    • Particularly supportive during times of loss and grief. You will become more free if you let go
  • Good for the shen. 
  • Good for diarrhea and malnutrition. It increases the metabolism and helps the body absorb nutrients. 
  • Good for reconstitution of the lung and kidney after birth (postpartum depression or difficult lactation).
  • Good for respiratory issues. 
    • Tonifies lung qi. 
    • Improves oxygenation and deficient lung qi. 
  • Good for geriatrics.
    • Brings blood into the brain. 
    • Helps breathe deeper and slower. 
    • Builds and tonifies blood – iIncreases hemoglobin and oxygen. 
    • Increases the spleen to support the lungs and heart to attract Big Shen.

Chrysoprase:/Green Chalcedony:

  • Silica oxide with water to provide greater conductivity if you’re sensitive to it.
  • Trace of nickel. If scraped on white surface and it’s white and not green – it’s a trace mineral. 
  • Lets light through it. 
  • Serves as your passport to other realms. 

Pink Chalcedony:

  • Pink color affects the heart.
  • Transmits light. 
  • Helps heart yin with acute insomnia. 
  • Helps you emit warmth. Good for cold limbs and promotes circulation. 
  • Good for lymphoma and chronic obsessive disorders.
  • Good for addictive qualities or inability to break a cycle.
  • Good for shyness and to work out the deeper issues in your life to allow them to give and let go. 
  • Wear as an ankle bracelet to impact the kidney and the liver and to bring circulation upward.

White Chalcedony:

  • Looks like quartz.
  • Good for open, weeping sores (cellulite). 

Yellow Chalcedony:/Honey Chalcedony:  

  • Supports the spleen stomach relationship. 



  • Calcium and sodium help the bones. 
  • Potassium relates to lung kidney relationship. 
  • Fluorite goes to the constitution level and protects the structure. 
  • Sodium and chlorine relationship alkalizes spleen and pancreas and lowers stomach acid. 
  • Barium and strontium have a purging effect. 
  • Lithium serves as the outlet for the liver and requires barium to purge. Strontium slows the progression for consolidation for later clearing. 
  • Protective stone. 
  • Has a feathery quality. 
  • Good stone for du mai. 
  • Works on the jing level. 
  • Prevents yin breakup. 
  • Absorbs radiation, irritability, and heat. 
  • Regulates the fluid system and waterways. 
  • Protects from UV, X-rays, and radiation. Good to place next to a computer. 
  • Protects the connective tissues, nerves, skin, muscles, and cou li (layer between surface and organs). 
  • Goes into a deep level. Soothes and speeds healing by increasing vibration at which something heals.
  • Has a recycling impact – every yang that goes up has to come down. Good for high blood pressure, vertigo, tinnitus, and phlegm misting the mind.
  • Summons yang qi by drawing upon the kidney’s energy. Good for if you’re suffering from chronic fatigue and you feel as though you can’t build from what you have due to exhaustion. 
  • Draws du’s energy to move from stagnation syndrome. 
  • Draws things out of bone, brain, DNA, or other genetic matter. 
  • Helps eliminate and break up and move blockages due to phlegm. 
  • Helps with feelings of being on shaky ground with tremors or gait or balance issues.
  • Good for wind (eye twitching), insomnia, and DNA damage. 
  • Good for fibrotic tissues, fire toxins, and bile duct cancers (such as liver or gallbladder cancer that has spread to the bones). 
    • Especially good when liver cancer is due to alcoholism. Alcohol is a diuretic and dehydrates the body and allows toxins to build up. 


Al2 SiO5

  • Carbon gives stone black color and releases the flesh on the shoulders. 
  • Strontium and boron ensure trust is solidified before change. Gets rid of yin stasis and the old to make room for the new. 
  • Island silicate with traces of iron, manganese, and chromium. 
    • Iron and manganese both affect the blood.
  • Manganese calms the shen and allows a deeper level of mediation. 
    • Helps with insomnia and agitation. 
    • Hold when meditating. 
  • Yuan qi stone. 
  • Metamorphic stone. 
  • Also called a fairy stone. 
  • Cross stone shi zi shi or the character 10 stone. Markings with the cross mean 10 in Chinese. 
    • The stone is reflective of something that spreads. 
    • Cross is the return back to the one after the nine. 10 is unity and completion with renewal. 
    • 10 is also the stone for someone going into delivery – the child birthing stone. The 9 months are completed. Stone increases lactation. 
  • Important stone to try to generate the movement of yin that which has been damaged by heat.
  • Opens the heart. 
  • Neutralizes acid. 
  • Reduces inflammation. 
  • Clears liver fire and stagnation.
  • Separates the pure from the turbid. 
  • Nourishes blood – the sense of who you are. 
  • Regulates sleep, insulin, blood, and phlegm.  
  • Promotes a healing crisis to bring the condition and pathogenic factor out.
  • Alkalizes and reduces acid, liver sinews, tremors, spasms, and wind bi obstruction. 
  • Tonifies the spleen to prevent bleeding and stops any bleeding caused by ruptures. 
  • Opens the throat so that when the chest opens, you’re free and have permission to talk.
  • Clears stomach stagnation to allow you to begin the process of articulating and speaking.
  • Clears stomach heat, particularly when manifesting in the throat (bad breath, bad teeth, bad decary, or thyroids) because of unexpressed emotions – idea of plumpit throat. 
  • Repairs damaged brain and spine nerves, especially if coming from an external pathogenic factor, such as neuropathy from chemotherapy. 
  • Promotes the full eruption, like ge gen herb. Reduces acid levels and works with pain in the shoulders and could have neuropathy like carpal tunnel.
  • Reduces heat and anxiety when you want to be alive. It treats uncertainty and numbness. 
    • If you can’t commit, you set yourself up for Alzheimer’s, delayed perception.
  • Good for diabetes. 
  • Good for any upper limb pain or rheumatism.  
  • Helps pacifies wind due to aluminum- heat in the blood stirs up internal wind: seizures, convulsions, epilepsy 


  • Island silicate – iron, aluminium, and hydroxy with traces of manganese and zinc. 
    • Manganese affects the middle burner and nourishes blood.
  • Metamorphic stone. 
  • Affirmation is about understanding who you are so you can change who you are. 
  • Absorbs environmental toxins. 
  • Generates fluids and blood (iron).
  • Regulates the spleen and stomach. 
  • Reduces infections, such as acids and fevers, and walls off a condition to prevent spread. 
  • Builds parts of the liver that don’t have blood and clears liver fire. Helps with liver cancer that has swelling and crosses. 
  • Good for younger children. 
  • Good for autism because it goes inward. 



  • Aluminum, copper, iron, phosphorus.
    • Aluminum is for neurological wind issues, spasms and things that are spreading. It helps decrease insomnia. 
    • Greenish blue is copper.
    • Traces of iron nourish liver and spleen blood and promote production for blood. 
  • Silica oxide benefits lungs and lung conditions (asthma, bronchitis). 
  • Brittleness helps with broken heart or bones and feeling bankrupt or homeless.
  • Primary and sedimentary level stone.
  • Detoxifier stone.
  • Water contained in stone is able to conduct energy. 
  • Vibration is stronger than malachite or azurite.
  • Typically for women, while dioptase is more for men.
  • Holds things in place. 
  • Gives stability in a healing crisis.
  • Clears liver fire by absorbing heat. 
  • Inhibits viral and bacterial infections. 
  • Nourishes fluid to help hydrate and ensure proper hydration. 
  • Allows you not to get stuck with one emotion (obsessive disorder). 
  • Anchors you if your mind is all over the place, such as children with ADHD or excessive daydreaming. 
    • Grounding to avoid getting lost in a trance state such as asthma or hypertension. 
  • Draws energy downward as alkalization occurs for acute conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, or idiopathic infertility. 
  • Regulates qi, liver blood stagnation with dysmenorrhea, PMS, liver/spleen with gas, blood sugar levels (diabetes, hypertension, anemia), and eating disorders. 
  • Increases calcium assimilation in child who has poor bone growth.
  • Increases Da Qi (respiratory function) by  bringing lung into kidney.  
  • Helps with low grade fevers or burns. 
  • Helps with a resurgence of a trauma, such as incest, incestial rape, or PTSD of any other kind. 
  • Helps with feelings of uncomfortableness inside of yourself due to a trauma, deity, or parasite. 
  • Helps with forgiveness. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person but all with yourself. 



  • Nickel gives stone green color. 
    • Nickel has a strong effect on spleen and helps things to materialize and take shape.
    • Nichel chelates calcium and helps the body dissolve stones. 
  • Represents transitional stages (aging & skin issues related to aging).
  • Transforms something wonderful from the stresses of life.
    • A transformer that helps with pH changes, fat, or cirrhosis in the liver.
  • Nourishes the spleen yin. 
  • Tempers your excitement. 
  • Regulates the stomach yin and spleen qi.
  • Brings you back to childlike innocence. 
  • Breaks up plaque, stenosis, and any internally stagnated blood and associates stickiness (fibroid, sexually molestation, old physical or emotional trauma). 
  • Encourages a smooth transition in the 7/8 cycles. 
  • Helps when you lose someone or something and you feel lost without it. 
  • Helps with summoning up the inspiration when you change with the different stones in the cycle. 
  • Will fade in the sun.


  • Darker variety of chrysoprase. 
  • Warming stone. 
  • Represents the relationship back from the kidneys:
    • Iron and calcium help bring up the yang qi of the kidneys into the blood for the purpose of releasing, expelling, and moving. Yang to move yang. 
  • Relieves burns, lowers swelling/inflammation and fever, and reduces oxidative stress. 



  • Mercury helps you overcome your grief and bereavement after loss. 
    • Sulfur helps break down mercury. 
  • Upper grade stone. 
  • Melts very quickly when heated. 
  • Calms shen and amulet. 
  • Wards off insects (use in insecticide) and parasites (gui and gu). 
  • Helps during difficulties in life. 
    • Step of purification – settles spirit and gets rid of toxic thoughts that emerge in your mind as you begin to purify your blood.



  • Aluminium, calcium, and lithium.
    • Iron, aluminium, and lithium nourish fluids, blood, jing ye, and qu qi. 
    • Aluminium affects liver and neurological system. It resonates with the nerves. 
  • Created from amethyst under high pressure, high temperatures, and overpopulation. 
  • Quartz with silica oxide with traces of iron to give yellow color. 
    • Yellow is the law of signature in addressing issues related to the earth element or stomach/spleen. 
  • Affinity for spleen/stomach and nourishment of blood. 
    • Spleen is responsible for managing blood vessels. Varicosities are spleen issues. 
    • Gastric acid is responsible for digesting protein and building blocks of the body (flesh and muscles). 
    • Weight problems are spleen/stomach problems. 
  • Money stone – fountains are spinning and it welcomes money. 
    • Place in area that represents money. It’s good in the kitchen. 
  • Grounding/earth quality. 
  • Unnecessary to clear its negativity. 
  • Regulates blood sugar. 
  • Helps with anxiety, nervousness, lethargy, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, belching, and rebellious Qi.

Golden Citrine Herkimer:

  • Contains oil. 
  • Stone’s sensitivity to light and environmental factors protect you from external factors (heat, radiation, ER exposure). 
  • Draws things in and consolidates back to the core and navel. Need to consolidate in order to regenerate. 
    • Repairs DNA damage and corrects chromosomal defects (Alzehimers). 
  • Use for someone who is tired all the time and feels rigor as they age. 
  • Use when there is too much negativity or instability. 
    • In a compass and the needle wags, the interference could be used if there is negative energy if there is killing qi in that location.

Inhydro Citrine:

  • The best originate from Nepal and the Himalayas.
  • Iron inclusion with water. 
    • Anything with water has greater conductivity, as it is the source of life. Water is powerful for moving and detoxification. 
  • Enhances. 
  • Quickens healing by repairing the DNA and tissues. 
    • If you speed up anything you can speed up the disease. You don’t want to prolong the age of a cancer cell. 
  • Use for impatience, yin deficiency with empty heat, or to speed up the metabolism 



  • Liver relationship – storage of the blood with copper. 
  • Helps mend things that are broken and helps the body build collagen, bones, and nerves. 
  • Relaxes the muscles, especially heart. 
    • Helps with not knowing how to budget yourself and not being able to do too much because of exhaustion. This is due to liver holding onto blood, causing diaphragm and sternum to get too tight, affecting the oxygen supply. 



  • Calcium is good for inflammation as it’s alkalizing. 
  • Draws to the sea, to the kidneys.
  • Many colors. Protected substance. 
  • Vegetation origin helps you open up. 
  • Porous quality allows stone to draw in heat and neutralize it to nourish yin. 
  • It’s a living entity, representing flexibility and encouraging feelings of not being stuck.  
  • Calms shen, heart, kidney, running piglet up to the chest, and feelings of being overwhelmed and panicked in the chest. 
  • Good for eye swelling and hypertension. 
  • Helps neutralize excessive yang. 
  • Helps cleanse jing from ancestral issues (diabetes, cancer). 
  • Helps feelings of stress and tossing and turning. 
  • When there is Lin, it comes from the si, which really comes from the heart.
  • Wear as an amulet or pendant after vaccinations to pull the toxicity out of the blood. 



  • Copper conducts qi and oxygen. 
    • Liver blood moves the lung qi and releases the diaphragm (that which both the liver and lung control). 
  • Moves water. 
  • Looks like rust. 
  • Brings something to an end. 
  • Allows embrace of death, by separating you from this world to the next. 
  • Increases sexual libido and fertility. 
  • Good from absorbing excess smoke. An air purifier it absorbs smoke. 
  • Helps you complete the palaces or life span allotted in current particular life. 
  • Helps with edema, vertigo, ear infections, and loss of balance. 
  • Helps with urination and prostate issues relating to the urinary bladder and wind.