• Antifungal, especially for the brain. 
  • Purgaritive. Good for flushing things out in general, such as parasites in the colon, candida (insufficient yang in stomach), yeast, and dampness (especially in the lower burner). 
  • Tonifies yang. 
  • Good for vulnerability, lethargy, and chronic fatigue. 
  • Good for those sensitive to weather changes or any concept of adaptation. 



  • Magnesium and iron stone. 
  • In discs, like pyrite. 
  • Birthstone – opens orifices and helps with birthing ease. 
  • For someone who cannot begin something new, or has feelings of not getting what they want constantly.



  • Soft stone. 
  • Found where there is hydro activity, near tin or silver mining sites. A black element in silver metal, where the metal is generating water. 
  • Relates to the kidneys, the virtual of the lungs, what is right and wrong, justice, and order.
  • Separates the pure from the turbid and helps you to become conscious of yourself. 
  • Aides the descension of stomach qi.



  • Has trace amounts of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and aluminium.
    • Relates to blood. Relationship with iron (stomach), manganese (heart), cobalt, and nickel (ni).
    • Addresses issues in all burners. 
  • Hardness of five – dense stone. 
  • The initiation into the spiritual journey. 
  • Resonates with Tai Yin and lung and spleen. 
  • Tonifies the spleen to get rid of dampness. 
  • Acts as an analgesic. 
  • For stemming bone when the jing is taxed.
  • Good for respiratory and sleep issues. Helps you get more sleep by relaxing the digestive system.
  • Helps the body in production of blood. 
  • Hold stone to pull heat and inflammation out of the body.