Demoiselle began her career as a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine under the apprenticeship of Dr. Jiahua Tao in 1995.

After a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a decade of general practice at Hidden Well Acupuncture, she began to study under Taoist priest and Classical Chinese medical historian, Jeffrey Yuen.

She currently practices with the deeper channels of the body. These profoundly healing channels, which are like storage units of the body are no longer part of what constitutes modern Chinese medicine. This gives her the ability to work with complex etiologies, immune issues, autoimmunity, chronic degenerative pathologies and emotionally based trauma which otherwise would remain latent.

Wellness and the expression of wholeness are the focus of this powerful and transformative style of medicine.

“The consciousness that creates a condition is not the consciousness that brings about its healing.” Jeffrey Yuen.

She works with each person individually to carefully create the strategies for cultivation of their wellness.

Visiting Practitioners

Dr. tao

Dr. Tao was a neurosurgeon in China before coming to the United States in 1989. He worked as both surgeon and acupuncturist in Savannah until he retired in 2014. He now serves as acupuncturist emeritus at Hidden Well. He is teacher, brush painter and inspiration.


Sheila has been a professional herbalist, a licensed Brain Gym practitioner and a Touch for Health specialist for 20+ years.

Good news, while travel to Hidden Well isn’t advisable, Sheila is able to provide her life changing services online.  These belief altering treatments are effective and transformative. They are based on the premise that our thoughts and belief patterns affect our brain chemistry and as such directly impact our physical, emotional and mental states. 

Sheila is here to support everyone at Hidden Well virtually for now.  You can contact her directly at 970-316-0008 to set up an appointment. 

You will need an internet access, and a quiet, comfortable space where you’ll have privacy for approximately 1 ½ hours. The fee is $85/hour. Sliding scale is available to anyone that needs it during the epidemic.


Taum is Hidden Well’s muscular skeletal genius. With his quarterly visits on hold for now, we have arranged a few days each month, where you can reach out to Taum with any muscular or tendino mystery you are not able to solve or sort out. He may suggest a few tools in your tool belt before jumping in. Just as in person, Taum can guide stretches, moves and exercises to help you resolve any complex pain patterns. Actual days and times will be posted early September.



Isabel started as an herbal intern while at Savannah Arts and now manages the herbal pharmacy and clinical routine. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree in public health and the health sciences.


Ruthann supports Hidden Well in a multidimensional capacity.