Demoiselle began her career as a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine under the apprenticeship of Dr. Jiahua Tao in 1995.

After a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a decade of general practice at Hidden Well Acupuncture, she began to study under Taoist priest and Classical Chinese medical historian, Jeffrey Yuen.

She currently practices with the deeper channels of the body. These profoundly healing channels, which are like storage units of the body are no longer part of what constitutes modern Chinese medicine. This gives her the ability to work with complex etiologies, immune issues, autoimmunity, chronic degenerative pathologies and emotionally based trauma which otherwise would remain latent.

Wellness and the expression of wholeness are the focus of this powerful and transformative style of medicine.

“The consciousness that creates a condition is not the consciousness that brings about its healing.” Jeffrey Yuen.

She works with each person individually to carefully create the strategies for cultivation of their wellness.