• Magnesium and iron affect fluid and blood imbalance. 
  • Increases oxygenation of the blood.
  • Regulates the middle burner and improves circulation.
  • Detoxifies acidosis created in the process of digestion.



  • Zinc stone with a hardness of 3.5. 
  • Silver & oxygen are powerful conductors. Sometimes has arsenic, so don’t use internally.
  • Tonifies the heart yang, aiding the yang in pushing through life’s difficulties. 
    • Lament & regret gets stuck in the abdomen, and proper transitions cannot happen. Helps push through this, and verbalize the difficulties.
  • Helps to bank the blood by affecting the spleen.
  • Helps transform dampness & promotes diuresis to feel comfort in who one is.



  • Named after the Norwegian god of the sea.
  • Affects the kidneys (Na), allowing you to measure yourself accurately, build self esteem, and strengthening the idea of who you are.
    • Place Aegirine over the ub shu points, which represent your temperament, to support the process of self reevaluation. A rash on these points indicates that what you have aligned with has caused a problem. 
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Serves as an amulet, protecting you from electromagnetic radiation and negative fields.
    • Protects you from thinking there is good and bad in any sort of invasion. 
  • Alkalizes the blood.
  • Neutralizes high intensity and pressure.
  • Highly charged.
  • Helps you embrace all the elements.
  • Draws the energy down as in sudden turmoil disorder.
  • Helps you realign yourself to new possibilities rather than staying stuck as a victim.



  • Represents the transformative process.
  • Consciously aware of its own existence, Agate is in the process of actively transforming, like people who are actively cultivating. As the pure rises, the turbid settles down. 
  • In the process of becoming more pure and light, similar to what the jing tries to do.
  • Evolving into Jade.
  • Helps break up the stalemate that inhibits change.
  • In the mineral kingdom, Agate makes the claim to bring into a greater communion with that which is greater than themselves.
  • Agate, or Ma Nao, literally translates to horse’s brain.
    • Horses were the transportation, beasts of burden, and hard workers of the early world. They allowed us to get things done faster. Just like the horse’s brain, Agate gives you the opportunity to get more things done in a day. 
    • Horse’s brain, or sea of marrow, holds the cultivation of a lifetime. When these working animals die, their marrow seeps into the earth and their soul returns to the earth. 
  • Addresses deficiency conditions especially Qi Deficiency.
  • Good for digestive issues such as distention, bloating, nausea, & vomiting.
  • Separates pure from turbid, as in digestive process.
  • Used for clumping, or when something can’t be held (diarrhea/constipation/tumors).
  • Use for stress, acute asthma, major crisis or a terrible heart pain.
  • Helps the body expel, transform, and soften mucus. 
  • Works most effectively with direct skin contact.
  • Cleanse Agate in running water once a week
  • Place on eye or ear for pain
  • Chief stone for treatment of diseases to bring disease process into completion
  • Ever evolving, indicated by streaks.
  • Should change a condition quickly within 3-5 days

Blue Lace Agate:

  • Can be primary or sedimentary:
    • Primary means you can use it to treat Yuan Qi issues.
    • Sedimentary deals more with Wei Qi issues.
  • Separates pure from turbid.
  • Used to dispel phlegm in the lungs, as in bronchitis.
  • Generates fluids to flush out fire toxins and hydrates lungs.
  • Calms & Relaxes (liver invading spleen). 
    • Regulates Liver qi overacting on spleen and stomach (Bloating) 
    • Directs Energy down towards kidney and the source/yuan level (poor bone health, high blood pressure, insomnia, dizziness, seizures).
    • Clears liver heat rising or manifesting on skin (headaches described as splitting, eyestrain, acne, liver spots, blemishes, dizziness, fevers, jet lag).
    • Tonifies Qi, secures the exterior (lethargy, adrenal deficiency, weakened immunity, emotional vulnerability).
  • Affects the ye, which goes to the uterus, breast, prostate, or the Bao. The male and female sex organs. 
    • Promotes reduction of swelling in the prostate, uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts. Brings it back to the ye and the breast, uterus and prostate.
  • Good stone to place at mastoid process if nodules present. 
  • Regulates the waterways; Helpful for facial edema. 
  • Used for pressure or pain in the eye, as in glaucoma. Place directly over the eyes in glaucoma and fatigued eyes. 
  • Used for gallstones. Apply directly over the area.
  • For sinus issues. Create an elixir for a neti pot. If burning occurs, need to add a harmonizer like quartz to minimize burning.
  • Resonates with the lungs to release phlegm. 

Botswana Agate:

  • Separates pure from turbid. 
  • Absorbs the light, absorbs hope.
    • Give to children that feel hopeless. 
  • Used for loneliness and depression, when you feel bullied or sensitive to a world that feels negative and condescending. 
  • Helps you feel loved unconditionally and brings you to a state of peace. 

Dendritic Agate:

  • The black is Mn which nourishes the blood and also helps with atherosclerosis and Ht issues. 
  • The white in it is good for phlegm. 
  • Good for dampness and improving the body’s transformation and transportation process.
  • Helps with blood stagnation.
  • For skin conditions that spread.
  • For recurring allergies due to weak lungs or liver.
  • For the silvery scale disease.
    • Stimulates wei qi to break up and expel phlegm stasis (lymphatic or mucous congestion, swollen lymph nodes, gland swellings, phlegm misting the mind- obsessiveness or pensiveness, poor memory, confusion, dementia signs).
    • Strengthens spleen in transformation and transportation, breaks up dampness and phlegm (recurring infections due to dampness, damp-phlegm affecting concentration, confusion, brain, infertility resulting from damp accumulations). 

Fire Agate: 

  • For more immediate and acute issues.
  • Reduces Heart Fire.
  • Ignites transformative fire.
    • Fire is related to the blood and the 4 limbs.
    • Has a richer iron, electromagnetic field, and is stronger.
  • Enhances other stones (increases yang).
  • Regulates the triple heater (SJ) to clear empty heat (menopausal signs and symptoms, hot flashes).
  • Improves night vision.
  • Brings yang and warmth back, including purpose. 
  • Returns vitality back to the body.

Green Moss Agate:

  • Has all 3 trace minerals (potassium, sodium, and magnesium) that relate to the San Jiao.
  • Adjusts Blood Sugar for diabetes.
  • Good for fatigue.
  • Affects the lungs.
  • Helps connect to nature
  • For Liver Qi stasis (PMS, irritability, mood swings, bloating).
  • Powerful in assisting letting go; Addresses what is difficult to let go of & bringing something to the outside world.
  •  It is useful for past life regression. It is necessary to know why we came into this existence
  • The stone of the midwives. Helps in letting go of the child. 
  • Soak in water to make a wash for skin, when there is a rash or dampness and fungal related issues.
  • Softens hardness in skin cancer. 
  • Helps with lymphatic cancers.  
  • Antifungal for skin and nails.
  • Connects to nature spirits; A gardener’s stone. Gives nature back to a person or animal.
    • Emerges from elemental of wood spirits.
    • Will ionize the air if placed in running water or a fountain.
    • Can be used with animals to calm them.
  • If Qi Stasis creates Heat (inflammatory conditions affecting respiratory system or skin such as hives, tinea, itching), use green or blue agate.
    • For acute external conditions (mucolytic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal).
    • Encourages Defensive/wei qi to rebuild energy and aid in convalescence (expels phlegm stasis-lymphatic/mucous congestion, swollen nodes).
    • Tonifies qi (lethargy, adrenal deficiency, weakened immunity, high fever due to infection, impotence).
    • Tonifies spleen in separating clear from turbid (diabetes regulation, detoxifications, poor concentration, candidiasis, excessive worry).
    • Breaks up yin stasis (swelling near glands, lymph nodes, tumors, congestion).

Pink Agate:

  • Regulates the waterways through the waterway of the large intestine.
  • For lymphoma make sure the lower orifices are open, particularly the Ub. 
  • Regulates the waterways through the urinary process. 
  • Calms the shen.
  • Good for cold limbs. Promotes circulation. Transmits light. 
  • Good for shyness to work out the deeper issues in life. 

Pink Lace Agate:

  •  Resonates with the Small intestine (Fire element, pink/red). 
    • Supports pancreatic enzymes and alkalization. It acts as a pancreatic enzyme for diabetics and helps get rid of excess sugar in the blood. 
    • The small intestine eliminates via the bladder. (Affects the kidneys) Diabetics are always urinating because the body is trying to help the body get rid of the excess sugar. The fluid pressure becomes phlegm. 
  • Regulates the absence of ye or the excess of ye. Acquired ye moves into the kidney and supports fertility.
  • Good for Fibroids.

Tigers Eye Agate:

  • It is good for stagnation. Good for abdominal and epigastric pain. Tigers eyes is good for acute conditions of pain. Not just for the stomach but also for pain along the stomach channel. That means Pain in the eyes, conditions along the throat, breast, pelvis and along to the feet. Tigers eye treats all aspects of the ST trajectory. 
  • In terms of the stagnation it comes from the deficiency. The body compensates is by holding up what it is deficient. If it does not improve. I want to get rid of dampness, and nothing is changing. Maybe the dampness is responding to a yin deficiency. 
  • The dampness was a poor substance for yin. Just like Blood stagnation is due to blood deficiency. Yin stagnation due to yin deficiency. When we think of the blood is fatty. Nerve cells are made for from fatty acids. Cholesterol and hormones need fat. There is elevation of cholesterol at menopause. Only 10 % comes from diet. Low cholesterol foods doesn’t do that. It will break up the cholesterol, and re-nourish the blood. Tiger eye will support the blood.
  • Eye agates have what you can carve out that looks like an eyeball. These are important in the Tibetan culture. They pass from generation to generation. If you don’t pass them down, they are buried with them, elestial agates that are worn right over one’s heart. These are the eye agates.

Red Tigers Eye Agate:

  • Warming stone.
  • Good for nourishing and invigorating blood and breaking up hot phlegm.
  • Treats anemia due to digestive deficiency.
  • Tonifies the spleen in producing blood (anemia from digestive deficiency not heat burning in blood, fluid or blood deficiency/ stagnation).
  • Invigorates the blood to expel wind (poor circulation as in Raynaud’s syndrome).
  • Breaks up hot phlegm (cough with yellow sputum).
  • Treats an imbalance in the heart like cholesterol, palpitations, anxiety, neurosis. Helps the individual to balance issues with the heart.
  • Breaks up hardness.
  • Separates pure from turbid in the blood, with sx such as mania insomnia, blood stasis, stuck spiritually, high blood pressure, tired, sluggish, varicosities. sx because blood is stuck. 
  • Nourishes the blood, acting like a coach. It is now time to move on! Let the iron magnetize the blood to give direction for what I am doing with my life. 
  • Clears the restlessness and irritability or heat in the blood.
  • Influential of the blood. It is red therefore resonates with the blood and heads to the heart. The stomach descends and reaches the heart via the spleen to help with the final production of blood.

Blue Tigers Eye:

  • Supports the liver and spleen. 
  • Separates clear from turbid.
    • Strengthens and consolidates bones (osteoporosis, fractures, bone pain, anemia).
    • Expels wind phlegm (dizziness, nausea, vomiting, limb numbness, cough with phlegm, blurred vision, rattling throat sound).
  • Better for respiratory system and blood than yellow (iron carries oxygen).
  • Good for someone severely anemic: leukemia bone marrow cancer, severe loss of blood due to overcrowding of iron. 
  • Neurological problems: wind phlegm
    • Tangible: lymph node swellings 
    • Insubstantial: pressure that moves in the eyes as in glaucoma or cataracts (wear as earrings: kd and eye relation). Or pressure on the cerebral spinal fluid and skull prevents swelling of the brain and rocks the head, resulting in gradual Parkinson. 
    • Acute: outbreak of wind on the face or on vocal cords: Tauret Syndrome. 

Yellow Tigers Eye:

  • Supports Spleen Qi to increase Lung Qi.
  • Strengthens spleen in the production of blood and postnatal qi.
  • Separates clear from turbid.
  • Supports healthy pregnancy.
  • Regulates qi and blood (lethargy, fatigue, pain, inflammation).
  • Strengthens the SP/ST so the function is sweat, allowing you to get rid of stuff that is of spicy quality. 
  • Strengthens the flesh/connective tissue (Treats fibromyalgia/Lyme).
  • For stomach fire.
  • Supports spleen qi to increase lung qi

Tree Agate:

  • Deals with old cholesterol.
  • Decreases abdominal bloating and fullness
  • Stimulates bile to have better BM
  • Helpful for shock and emotional trauma
  • Helps skin conditions especially sensitivity from liver
  • for heat
  • Resolves fright-wind (for children during major changes in life, shock, acute trauma, shaking, nervousness, anxiety, spasms, seizures)
  • Supports children fearful of change by relaxing constrained liver qi  (diagram constriction, migraines, angry outbursts, irritated mucous membrane of gut and respiratory system)
  • Breaks up yin stasis (gland swelling, ovarian cysts, thyroid nodules)
  • Helps you feel unstuck
  • Reduces excitement/HPB.
  • Gets rid of arrogance and possessiveness.
  • Good for infertility and very moving for yin stasis.
  • For Bi Syndrome and Liver Qi stasis (PMS, irritability, mood swings, bloating).
  • Useful for skin conditions as a wash.
  • Helps circulate blood to expel wind: 
    • Itchiness (hives, urticaria)
    • Instability: OCD, passive aggressiveness, nervous children (infantile child wind, acute, can be seizures, convulsions).

Turritella Agate:

  • From the green river in Wyoming. 
  • Fossilized & crystallized snails – triangular shape of snail. 
  • Connects us to the aspect of the sea. Hai. The ocean is the sea of humanity, the mother of all things. There is a resonance with sacred geometry due to the spirals. Understanding this brings you to another frequency that allows entrance to different realms.  
  • Clears heat and inflammation and absorbs water. Good for lymphatic movement. 
  • Helps maintain pregnancy. 
  • Helps heal nature & connect to nature spirits. For land that has been desecrated. For the ground how the earth carries the trauma.
    • Prevents illness for animals. It absorbs electromagnetic radiation and pollution.


(K,Na)Cu7AlSi9O24(OH)6 · 3H2O

  • High vibration.
    • Could be used to enter other dimensions or in accessing one’s own destiny to repair wounds/jing. 
    • Repairs DNA.
  • Helps communications with the spirits.
  • Turns green over quartz because contains Copper AL silicate (copper gives it the green color).
  • Grounding.



  • Found with realgar.
  • Helps reduce and chelate the toxicity coming from mercury poisoning, such as after dental fillings or flu vaccinations. 



  • Hardness of 8.5-9.0.
  • Metamorphic (as if the earth were going through a new transmutation)  chrysoberyl.
    • Helps the body to adapt and regenerate and the circumstances. Aging due to responsibility, oxidative stress, there is no time for yourself. There is no way to accommodate all these things and no time for yourself.
  • Aluminum, trace: iron, titanium.
  • The beryllium deals with something at the level of the marrow. Helps detoxify the marrow, for when it has already been affected, not preventative. 
    • One can change if you are willing to change. It is an after stone, once they have developed a disease. 
    • For disease after the fact.
  • Changes color when exposed to different lights/dimensions. Turns from red to blue because it contains chromium, which causes color change.
    • In sunlight it looks green, or can be red, can go to violet. 
    • Like a person in a social environment vs natural environment, their personality can change. Helps one become harmonious with what society wants and what they want.
  • Has anti parasitic qualities.
  • Useful for someone lost and uncertain, who feels different internally and externally (mirrors stone’s different colors outdoors and indoors).
  • Useful for neurological conditions involving wind (hysteria, anger, seizures, shaking).
  • Draws kidney fire downward – initially makes you feel lethargic to help you slow down.
    • works on low back pain
  • Draws yang inward.
    • Increases yang to stomach and helps digestion (helps digestive proteins protect myelin nerve sheaths).
  • Must touch skin 
    • Worn as ring on fire finger Russian stone famous by the czar. 
  • It is about solidifying the genetic material. Giving it a new home. 
  • Opens post and prenatal connection 
  • Used acutely for seizures, convulsions, for someone with schizophrenia manic episodes with food stagnation



  • Feldspar.
  • Beginners stone: Forgiving and user friendly.
  • Created on all levels, can be used if you don’t know which other stone to as it doesn’t cause harm – combine with other stones to give direction back to specific level.
  • For acute conditions of the throat with swollen glands.
    • Used to regulate under or over activity of the glands, & especially treats the thyroid.
    • Helps one balance their weight.
  • The green is due to aluminum, which affect the liver.
    • Wei Qi- good for headaches and skin.
    • Has an affinity for liver & gallbladder.
    • Regulates the liver channel and regulates the liver to store blood, treating hemorrhaging or insomnia.
  • Best used topically to expel wind & calm the shen.
  • An igneous stone that may be picked for the Health palace which resonates at the constitutional level.
    • Serves as a constant amulet, to remind you that you are able to overcome the palace known as Health.
  • Deals with pathogenic factors that are going into the brain. Eyes are photosensitive which reflect the hard time acclimatizing and affects the circadian rhythms.
  • Detoxifying
    • Good for detoxifying the liver and for alcohol detoxification.
    • Absorbs electromagnetic radiation.
  • Helps one who has difficulty acclimating to changes in their environment
    • Regulates cyclical patterns (Seasonal depression)
    • Useful for those who can’t adjust to time, emotions, etc. For someone who feels like a victim/martyr.
    • Helps one get over life’s difficulties.
    • Good for someone with PTSD.
  • If one has had a difficult past life, helps one move on to the life of this lifetime, acting as a redeemer.
  • Good for a person with the inability to direct thoughts (ADHD) or an inability to temper extroverted personality, which indicates too much wood.
  • Affects the uterus, breaking up uterine tumors. 
  • Assists with birthing process. (Deals with both life & death)
  • Regulates menstruation & PMS.
  • Useful for someone who sleeps enough but does not get the restorative properties of sleep (not sleeping deeply).
  • Helps one to adjust to a new rhythm.
    • Important to help someone in the beginning of something: planting a seed of something new or building the framework of something new like the idea of fertility.
    • Amazonite earrings to represent graduation, wedding, new beginning, completing a divorce or after funeral.
  • Good stone for throat problems: communication issues.
  • Good for people with difficulty meditating.



  • Record keeper, preserved life from before (insects). 
  • Soothing, dissolves in water. Burning, smells like pine.
  • Removes residue.
  • Increases willpower. 
  • Opens orifices and portals. 
  • Helps let go of pestilent qi.
  • Helps to get rid of the things that haunt us (parasites, ghosts).
  • Helps the body to expectorate mucus, phlegm, and whatever else is living in lungs and mucosal lining. 
  • Helps one know what one’s issues are – gets rid of things that prevent one from seeing one’s purpose and curriculum. 
  • Fossilized resin of pine is natural antibiotic and symbolizes longevity and immortality. 
  • Preserved insects mirror ability to trap latency within itself. It captures malevolent, negative, perverse qi. It holds time reminding one of that which one has not let go of:
    • Someone one loved may have died many years ago, yet they still hold on to them. 
    • Part of the past is still haunting. 
  • Deals with parasitic infestations of one’s life and gu. Can capture parasites like it captured insects. 
    • One feels that one’s life isn’t able to change because one has all these parasites, people gnawing away at one. One has been trying to go on this path, but they are like flies constantly buzzing around one, distracting one and annoying one’s life.
  • Wear as an amulet to ward off evil.
  • Rub Dai Mai to draw out latency and pathogenic factors.
  • Place over the throat, scrotum, breast swellings, fatty deposits, cysts, or tumors. 
  • Can be taken as a decoction or as an infusion. 
  • Can be useful for a person who has been possessed with hatred.
  • Use in elixir for phlegm. 
  • Use for working with constitution to get rid of confusion.
  • Used to help get rid of confusion.
  • Mix potato juice with ground amber to apply over a goiter to pull out the toxins. 
  • Apply with dragons blood to break up a hematoma. 



  • Iron, manganese, and traces of lithium help it calm the heart blood. 
  • Affects Liver (particularly helpful for angry outbursts).
  • Treats the chest, particularly fibrocystic breasts.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Invigorates blood. 
  • Helps stress dermatitis and neurodermatitis.
  • Good for the heart chakra.
  • Good for clearing heat in the blood and low blood pressure.
  • Good for headaches during menstruation when less blood is going to head (migraine-type, tension, PMS, cramping).
  • Good for Chong Mai Vessel (blueprint of life, sea of blood) and functions – continuing the family bloodline and regulating menstrual, infertility, impotence issues. 
  • Treats depression and mania. 
  • Recharge with rock crystal.
  • Use for insomnia (difficulty falling asleep), pressure in the eyes, sore throat, bloating, diarrhea, or conditions when liver is invading spleen. 
  • Sucking on amethyst encourages expression of feelings, encourages tongue to express.
  • -A means “not” and -methyst means “drunk” so amethyst means “not drunk”. Can be used as an elixir as an antidote for drinking.

Chevron Amethyst:

  • Clears fire toxins. 
  • Draws things into the constitution.
  • Reduces infections and inflammations. 
  • Good for headaches, muscle pain, and aches.
  • Good for breast challenges, including cysts or discomfort.
  • Increases T-cells. 
    • Good for heat in blood damaging Jing (leukemia).
    • Good for HIV, low grade fevers, or conditions that are starting to destroy yin or DNA (cheek or bone wasting). 
  • Thymus relates to heart. Thymus teaches the immune system how to take control.
  • White bands for separating pure from turbid. Clearing pain and fire. 
  • Can take internally as elixir or decoction.
  • More active than ametrine. 

Hematite Amethyst: 

  • Brownish color.
  • Good for those in the process of dying as it provides a calmer passage into death.
  • Good for those at odds or in conflict with those they were previously intimate with.



  • Mixture of amethyst and citrine. 
  • Trace of lithium helps calms shen. 
  • Primary stone (yuan level, igneous or magmatic). 
  • Transformative stone.
  • Expels wind.
  • Brings out latency. 
  • Reduces stomach fire. 
  • Clears blood toxins and heat in the blood. 
  • Harmonizes qi and blood, bringing a state of peace.
  • Good for psychological fire (anxiety and compulsive obsession). 
  • Use for digestive and blood cancers.
  • Use on wounds that don’t heal. 
  • Active quartz make it a good harmonizer stone, but it can also be used as a transformer. 
  • Forces one to go into the world (spleen) the relationship to the heart and the spleen. 
  • An invitation to go into the world, allowing feelings of vulnerability towards others & oneself. 
    • Promotes self examination of relationships (habituation).
    • If one doesn’t want to grow older.
  • Allows one to break away from conformity. If a disease runs in the family, allows a person to break away from that authority and from the DNA sense of replication to break that old habit.
  • Increases brain activity.
    • Good for deafness, floaters, blindness.
  • Brings cooling qualities up. (Tremors, menopause, anxiety disorders, andropausal)
    • Cools the blood, tonifies the spleen.
  • Purple resonates with the heart, while the yellow citrine resonates with the spleen. 
  • It is the principle harmonizing quartz. 
  • Drink stone water for 2-3 days along with fasting to detox and clear the body of fire. 
  • Vulnerable to light and will fade in direct sunlight. 



  • Has calcium, and has water (due to the opalization).
  • Shells are remnants of the past.
  • An ear shares its patterning, and this stone treats conditions of the ear (tinnitus).
  • Spirals represent a spiral in thought process and can help ground a person.
    • Helps constant talking (obsession) and constant thinking (phlegm).
  • Place over liver while holding portal crystals in both hands to get information about lives.



  • From the Andalusian region of Spain.
  • Aluminum silicate.
  • A form of chiastolite, the darkness represents this stone. 
  • For someone with addictive qualities.
    • Someone always striving for personal satisfaction, continually trying to get something or physical items.
  • Aids in expelling guilt and moral obligations. 
  • Important stone for governing the mind. Looks to define reality and illusion. 
    • Helps to define a person of what is true and what is not. Grounding.
    • Makes a person more conscious and reflective of their life.
    • Good for a break from reality & for those with schizophrenia.
    • For someone with a hard time with reception of life.
    • Chronic allergies, chronic mental breakdowns.
  • For a person who is lost.
  • Increases concentration and focus.
  • The four limbs are symbolic of 4 directions, of how a person can go anywhere.



  • Also called anhydrite, or the stone of reason.
    • Blue Anhydrite dissolves.
  • Exposed to internal pressure of earth. 
  • Absorbs water. If placed into water, transforms into gypsum.
    • Eliminates dampness and acute UTI.
  • Draws skin infections and toxins out.
    • Similar in effect to cupping.
  • Good for forgiveness.
  • Is able to find where on your body there is a lot of energy and conductivity.
  • Cleanse in running water, cleared or charged in the sun.



  • Also called antimonite.
  • Igneous Yuan Qi stone.
  • Contains sulfur, making it combustible.
  • Increases fire. 
  • Silver color represents conception.
  • Thickens the stomach lining, like a probiotic, improving digestion.
    • Used as an initiation stone, allowing a person to digest other stones & activate previously inactive sections of the brain, allowing a person to ultimately access different realities. 
    • May thicken coat of the tongue.
  • Detoxifying
    • Can use as a wash for rash, psoriasis, eczema.
    • Rids the body of parasites and worms.
    • Helps body detoxify imbalances in all three burners. (Antimony-lower burner. Sulfur- middle burner. Realgar- upper burner.)
  • Good stone for those with pets.
    • Helps one in communicating with animal spirits.
    • For when someone wants to understand and connect with their pets.



  • Phosphorus, fluorite, and chloride maintain latency to rebuild cartilage. 
    • Phosphorous conserves energy, builds bones, and reduces appetite. 
    • Can be used to reorganize cellular repair as floral and chloral halogens are found in the enamel and bones.
  • Phosphate helps to crystallize the cerebrospinal fluid to help the body store, gather, and consolidate. 
  • Source of most fertilizers’ phosphorus. 
    • Brings chlorophyll up the plant and brings phosphorus up and then back down. 
    • It captures the light of the sun. 
    • Halogens capture that yang energy and strengthen the roots. 
  • All levels: primary, secondary and sedimentary.
  • A yuan resonant stone: ren – consolidates yin to restore energy when there is a yin defect or insufficiency. 
  • Loves to be touched. 
  • Draws energy of big shen brain to little shen to the heart to bring energy to earth.
  • Crystal matrix is the same as human bones. Naturally found in teeth and bones.
    • Helps bone grow.
    • Enhances the healing of fractured and broken bones.
    • Strengthens the bones for osteoporosis and bone loss.
    • It tries to regenerate the marrow. Produces the marrow and philosophically what makes you feel good about yourself. 
  • Hexagonal shape of stone helps heal injuries in skull such as concussion, fractures, or brain issues. 
  • Supports the acquired essence.
  • Strengthens integrity.
  • Prevents tooth decay.
  • Addresses male issues. 
    • Prevents premature ejaculation. 
    • For impotence, “What is good for the bone, is good for the bone.”
  • Diminishes the fat roll that can accumulate around one’s neck.
  • Good for high stress levels, responsibilities, or  traumas in life.
  • Good for cancers. Promotes remission and draws things into a state of latency. 
    • Consolidates that which is bad from spreading throughout the body. 
    • Consolidates yin to build bone to slow the growth of aggressive cancers. 
    • Defends against white blood cells which relates to what one doesn’t feel good about.
  • Good for the elderly. Use for sciatica, wind symptoms, and lots of fear and anxiety causing chest oppression, chest distension, or heart pain. 
  • Good for children. 
    • Helps unvaccinated kids prevent pestilent qi/fetal toxin. 
    • Helps nerve damage in kids from childhood infectious diseases.  
    • Helps children who are so afraid they cannot disseminate essence, grow, or have poor physical/mental retardation. 
  • Helps to generate one’s own physicality. After boundaries have been created (apatite), one can then occupy the space (garnet). 

Blue Apatite:

  • Most common. 
  • For liver-blood to build yin. 
  • Brings the warmth back to stomach.
  • Affects the bone (If you were to bleach it, it would look exactly like bone).
  • Use for fire that has ascended (brain tumors and intractable headaches). 
  • Slows metastasis (clear with yellow). Just to induce latency. 

Green Apatite:

  • For liver-blood to build yin.
  • For those not able to conserve energy. 

Yellow Apatite:

  • Phosphate helps hold bone to structure.
    • Relationship goes into the bones. It helps get rid of toxins. 
  • Fluorine helps to go into areas of latency. 
  • Hexagonal shape strengthens the structure.
  • Reduces appetite, but not interest in life. Doesn’t clear fire, but rather brings it back to the root. 
    • Reduces appetite by helping absorption of foods. 
  • For those not able to conserve energy, convalescence, or slow recovery.



  • Potassium and Calcium.
  • Primary stone – sheet silicate belonging to zeolites. 
    • Contains cesium and is used to treat cancers as it is of the zeolite group.
    • Framework silicate – regulating. 
  • Marketed in the west for cancer. Liver cancer or pancreas cancer are the digestive cancers under the spleen.
  • Good needle stone.
  • Good for wei qi vulnerabilities, sensitives, and insecurities.
  • Brings lung to kidney – use for asthma, bronchitis, and COPD. 
  • Moistens intestines.
  • Promotes peristalsis.
  • Treats allergies.
  • Clears toxins (phlegm, lymphoma) from mucosa. 
  • Alleviates fear and anxiety when heart is overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do and hurts kidney in communication. 
  • Maintains latency and consolidation. Holds on to water to slow down in the lymph system.
  • Increases breathing and oxygen to blood – use for venous congestion/arteriosclerosis. 
    • Opens the lungs and prevents infections by strengthening the immune system. 
  • Releases long term loss, skin problems, and shen. 
  • Put over painful areas, especially in lung and heart regions to reduce internal oppression on chest and feeling that something is sitting on one’s chest. 
    • Important when dealing with guilt or injustice as it helps the lungs. Lungs deal with the outer world and how one is defined and descend to the kidney. 
    • Feeling of internal pressure one puts on oneself that one has to overcome lung’s morality and be good and pressure that heart has to be strong, a sovereign leader, and overcome. This generally relates to lr – lrbld endangers heart qi as a lot of stress is placed on the heart. 
  • Wear as amulet for protection.

White Apophyllite: 

  • Increases oxygenation when coughing or wheezing 
  • Use for inflammatory redness on skin 
  • Use as wash for cellulitis



  • Yuan Qi stone that can anchor the yang.
  • Can serve as a constant amulet, to remind a person that they can overcome the palace known as health.
  • Stone given for the mermaids.
  • A pillar stone that represents the above and below. (The sky is tian, and the ocean is hai)
  • Comes from the sea & can help with sea and morning sickness.
    • Regulates fluids, good for someone who has water retention or incontinence with frequent urination. (Draws yang back to move water)
  • Iron relates to the blood.
  • Lithium relates to the shen. Pertains to the wind & calms the shen. 
  • Sodium relates to diuresis. Rids of phlegm & glandular swellings.
  • Aluminum clears liver fire in liver cancer.
  • Beryllium effects the curious organs (gallbladder, blood vessels, palpitations, insomnia, tachycardia, sensitivity to the exterior, eye problems, sinusitis, and vulnerability).
    • Rises up to the brain via the aluminum, and beryllium goes to the brain. 
    • Boost the yang qi, tonifies the immune system, poor resistance build. 
  • Will affect the pineal gland, pituitary in the brain. 
    • The pineal gland is related to circadian rhythms. 
    • If it affects these, it gives clairvoyance to look into the future.
    • Good for glandular cancer.
    • Pituitary issue use for chronic allergies, chronic need to get things out or the chronic need for attention. 
  • For hyperactivity of the thyroid.
    • Good for hyperthyroidism. 
  • It will affect human growth hormones.
  • Promotes fertility & creativity. 
  • Helps the du to claim its voice. 
    • Throat chakra to reclaim the voice.
    • Clears the voice and changes expression to the world. 
    • The throat is the expression of the heart.
    • If thoughts and feelings get strangled in the throat, or there is difficulty expressing thoughts. 
  • An important Autoimmune stone. 
    • Autoimmunity is about harming yourself.
    • About forgiveness. It prevents you from hurting yourself. 
    • For someone who is obstructed in their joints, and therefore their life.
  • Gives clarity to someone who wants to be different, or someone other than themselves.
  • The stone wants to create a new template.
    • If a person has inherited DNA or a disease, it wants to create a new template & a different possibility.
    • Wants to alter which comes from your genealogy. 
    • If as a child, a person had the stigma of being a tyrant, that person now holds the guilt. If the want to start a new life, create a whole new environment, they should wear this stone. 
  • Opens the sensory orifices to clear heat by opening the sinus cavity.
  • The profile of the psychological need attention. 
  • For memory loss, alzheimer’s, dementia. 
  • Good for someone who is exhausted, beginning to burn out from too much responsibility, or has too much wind. 
    • For someone who can’t seem to retire in peace.
    • Good for adrenal exhaustion due to dissention, hyperthyroidism as it brings fire from the throat back down to kidneys.
  • Good for inflammation.
  • Works in the heart and is good for heart problems.
  • Can be used as a wash for allergies, hives, skin rashes, sinusitis
  • Place over eyes if one is tired, and they are red & inflamed. 
  • If a person has swelling in their gums or toothaches, hold a little piece in the mouth for 20 minutes to absorb the swelling. 



  • ‘Wen Quan shi’ = Hot Spring Stone. 
  • Also called banded onyx.
  • Found in all levels : primary, secondary and sedimentary.
  • Draws wei qi heat back into Ming Men.
    • As elixir, draws the yang qi into ming men and hydrates the yin
  • Good for lower back pain and migraine headache. 
  • Stimulates joints to clear after a cold pathogen has been drawn into them.
    • Draws heat and qi inward to tonify.
  • For fear with nightmares and fright palpitations, place it under the pillow.
  • Prevents leakage of Qi and fluids.
  • Extinguishes Liver Wind and Calms Shen, Hydrates Yin.
  • Moves & disturbs the kidney energy.
  • Balances Calcium levels (parathyroid/thyroid).
  • Has Potassium, which increases diuresis.
  • Traces of strontium 
  • Supports a person’s will power.
  • For all types of musculoskeletal injury.
    • Benefits flesh and bones, muscle/tendons.
    • For fractures or torn meniscus, tape over ligament, joints, tendons, physical structure 
  • Breaks-up blood stagnation and decreases stress. Regulates qi and blood. 
  • Clears Burning from Chemo/radiation treatment and protects the heart.
  • Very diversified in its affect, Use often as it is a good beginner stone
  • Brings the external inside.
  • From hot springs. Bubbling up. Expansive in all directions. 
    • It expands to contract. It goes out to come back in. 
    • Speeds things up.
    • As hot springs go up and down, this stone recycles. Regulates blood pressure. By moving energy up and down, it moves out inflammation: knee, shoulder, hip pain.
    • If this stone is in an oyster. It is expansive. The oyster is irritated by it. It creates a mucus lining to wrap around the stone to fashion it into a pearl. Going Out to come back in. 
  • Draws the energy down to the navel to touch the spine. It brings a person into a meditative state. 
    • Hold the this stone and pearl in the navel. Focus on what “healing” would mean right now. It could be any palace for 10-15 minutes a day.
  • Helps body maintain intentionality when the mind and body have surrendered under constant repetition
    • Get the mind to focus on healing and the body will follow suit. That is called intentionality.
  • Rinse and charge in sun.
  • For someone who wants to get through something quickly.
    • One that feels clumsy and helps the person to speeds up.
  • If it separates pure from turbid, it regulates fluid metabolism. Useful for ulcers. Will help repair dysbiosis. 
  • Like ho po, aids descending stomach Qi 
  • A dish of this stone is good to eat off of. 

Blue Aragonite:

  • Stimulates the spine.
  • Goes to the extremities. 

Brown Aragonite:

  • Good for the skin.
    • Brings the qi from the yuan upward, to the skin
    • Can use powder on the skin when there are wrinkles.



  • Found on the primary and metamorphic level.
  • Represents a concentration of energy.
  • Has calcium, so resonates with the kidney. 
  • Sodium resonates with the lower Jiao, therefore the kidney. 
    • The Kidney helps the Spleen to support the stomach in the manufacturing of the jing ye. 
  • Magnesium and iron relate to the middle burner.



  • Reduces pain & moves blood
  • Affects the kidneys.
    • Stimulates the kidney yang.
    • Brings blood pressure up.
    • Tonifies liver qi.
  • Stimulates the thyroid when placed on the neck, good for hypothyroidism.
  • An earring will stimulate brain function and clear brain fog, and is therefore helpful in taking an exam.
  • Good to stimulate the paravertebral to realign the spine with scoliosis. 
    • Azurite realigns the spine and the vertebra.
    • Realigns herniated discs.
  • Mends fractures and brings blood to an area.
  • Excites the nerves.
  • Do not cleanse in water, but rather with moxibustion. Recharges in the sun. 
  • Use for whiplash, mood swings and numbness for chronic acute flare ups, repeated injuries.
  • Enhances action potential & nerve conductivity. Enhances the slow coordination for hypoactive.
  • Brittle: can be used as ink & is used in religious painting.
  • Stone of resurrection, renewal, restoration, & new beginning.
  • Helps w/suppleness, smooth flow of qi.
    • Helps one to not feel as awkward or clumsy. Good for difficulty maintaining emotional and physical gait & balance.
    • For someone who is always anxious, calms the brain.
  • Benefits uterus, protect fetus in the third trimester, ensures child isn’t premature.
    • Helps with heavy bleeding, endometriosis.
  • Cools blood, brain, ADHD, Turret’s.
  • Heals scar tissue.