Beautiful spring 2021

Welcome back!

The clinic welcomes everyone back this week. With the temperatures being so mild, plan to come to your appointment so that we can spend time outside together before coming inside. Your initials and room number will still be on the board if you are in group 2.

Due to COVID, we will still require face masks and minimal talking inside for now. As the weather permits, we will have open doors to allow plenty of breeze. Please know we are taking every precaution to make your experience as safe and as effective as possible.

Now that the weather permits us to speak outside with greater comfort there is no longer a need to send updates/photos prior to your appointment. If there is something you would like to highlight or share via email, you are still welcome to continue in that way. If you arrive early and someone is still outside before you, please wait in your car or the garden to honor the privacy of all.

We are asking everyone to use Venmo prior to treatments. If you need help setting this up, just reach out to Isabel who can help you set it up on your phone or tablet.

If you are a new person wanting to come in for an initial consultation just write to us at HIDDENWELLacupuncture We will find the right time for you.

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