Stage one of reopening: first wave

Sunday, June 14th, marked Hidden Well’s 6th anniversary at 134 Houston Street. To celebrate, we have prepared to come back together as a community. We feel we have created an incredibly safe and beautiful plan of action.

Many things have changed in the world since we last saw one another. The clinic has undergone major changes in response. Taking Fortress was our way to fortify each of you every day. It also kept us linked together in ritual as a community.

Depending on when you began to fortify, you will be invited back. We will have separate blocks of time for those who have been isolated and practicing social distancing (morning times) and for those who have continued to work and socialize in a fairly normal way (afternoon). There will be additional requirements for those who have been out in the world but would like to come back at this time.

For the safetly of all, the clinic will have a different set of protocols and practices. Because this is a time when immunity is of the utmost importance, we have added an infrared sauna to our mix. The benefits are in line with all of our goals, so it will be a weekly part of everyone’s visit to Hidden Well.

We have missed you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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