Opening lion dance ceremony for Hidden Well Clinic, June 14, 2014

In terms of timing, we will follow the California Health Board directive. Our primary goal is to make everyone’s experience as safe as its always been, while continuing our focus on the expansion of wellness.

For those of you on their second or third round of prevention formulas, you will receive an email around June 8th outlining a few changes in clinic practices and your tentative return date. We are looking to our sixth anniversary for our first wave to commemorate that long awaited event.

Everything is being designed for your utmost safety and continued wellness plus some!

Clearly, this is the year to boost everyone’s immunity, so the new practices that are being incorporated should make the experience even better.

Rare times allow for great opportunities. For the benefit of those who come to Hidden Well, no one will come into the clinic who is not following our guidelines. Simplification is what’s up.

Stay tuned here for the next set of updates…both Isabel and I will be offline for the next week. If you need to sign up for pickup, do that via Appointy for the June or July dates set on the calender. If you need refills, follow your appointment with an email as to specifics. Everything you need is listed on the formula instruction page.

Until then, be well and make the most in the light of this time.

So much love and care,


tybee sunrise

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