Herbal Kit Pickup

Honeysuckle flowers in Lonicera and Forsythia Decoction (Yin Qiao San) have compounds that prevent viral replication.

The next herbal pickup is set for Monday, June 8. If you are part of the Hidden Well practice, please sign up. You’ll see the times available on Appointy.

For convenience and to eliminate overlap, arrival times are set 15 minutes apart. A desk off the lane on the paved parking spot of 134 Houston will hold your kit. No one will be there to greet you but your kit will be waiting.

Payment can be placed in the desk without touching the drawer. Otherwise if it’s easier, just use venmo at HiddenWell or our email address (hiddenwellacupuncture@gmail.com). You can also email us your credit card into in two separate emails for safety. The costs will be on your bag unless you are getting your initial kit. Everything that has been prepared for you has been done so with utmost care by myself or Isabel.

If you are sheltering in place with others and would like each person to have their own kit, please email hiddenwellacupuncture@gmail.com with the number of kits in the subject line. Otherwise, an appointment will be a request for one. If you are more than 2 people in a single household, ask for a family kit. It will be packed for volume so the price will be adjusted.

Cost: Each kit is $150. You can leave cash or check in the drawer of the desk outside or email after pickup with a credit card.

If you are a part of the Hidden Well practice and have been financially impacted by the shelter in place order, you still have access. Please pay by a sliding scale (begining at $50) or you may pay later. It is important that you have what you need to maintain your wellness. The cost should not stop you from begining the immune boosting protocol. These formulas are very gentle and designed to be taken on a daily basis for months.

Also, if you are not local and are unable to pick your kit up in person, please email your address with number you would like. We will ship what you would like.

At this time, for ease of communication, please email only.

Thanks for your patience…


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