As we face the epidemic of the coronavirus, I will be shifting gears from individualized care to community protection. What that means is I will suspend the regular practice of seeing patients. This allows time to review the literature, both historic and current, work more closely with my colleagues and boost my own immune system in preparation.

I will be working on a series of preventative and onset of symptoms formulas to have available by the end of the month. If you have in your Chinese medical pharmacy either Jade Screen or Heavenly Reishi, start taking these formulas to boost your immune system. If you begin to have any cold like symptoms and you have Yin Qiao San, take the recommended dose.

Reopening the clinic: When adequately prepared, I will reopen the clinic preferentially for those with challenged immune systems and those working within their deeper channels (luo, divergent, eight extra vessels). I will also have a procedure for you to pick up formulas and I will update this page with those details.

Recommendations: Follow the primary guidelines of self isolating, self care and scrupulous hand washing if out and about. Wear a mask if connecting with others and try to wash items coming into your household. You can come from the perspective that you yourself are contagious and would like to protect others. Get plenty of sunshine but steer clear of an excess of wind. All of you know these basic practices.

For those who would like to know more about how China has treated the coronavirus with herbal medical strategies see utube: “How coronavirus (covid-19) is treated with TCM in China” by John Chen, PharmD, PhD, OMD.

Watch this page for updates. Although I plan to be offline and out of general communication for the next week or so, know that I am taking every single one of you and your loved ones into account as we all make this transition. I am optimistic that we will emerge triumphant.


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